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Join us as we explore our world through various outdoor adventure travels. We are both avid extreme sport enthusiasts with a thirst for new culture in beautiful places. Within these pages you will find travel experiences, outdoor adventures, various tips and perhaps inspire your very own trip idea. Break free from your comfort zone and try something new.

Go out and travel.


Alex and Cory

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Berries of Newfoundland; when to pick?

The berries of Newfoundland, an island off of Canadian’s coast come in many shades and flavors. The landscape, barrens, fields and coasts offer perfect growing conditions for strawberries, raspberries, cloudberries, blueberries, blackberries, bunchberries, snowberries and partridge berries to name a few. With an abundance of all those Newfoundland berries it goes saying that this is […]

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Never give up, just keep surfing!

The pros make surfing look so graceful and easy but it isn’t. I first wanted to quit before falling in love with it and dozens of falls later I would like to share its joys with you.   Alex’s surfing history I am constantly seeking new adventure sports which excite me and get my adrenaline […]

rock climbing types, adventure travel, Wildly Intrepid, Carrot Creek Alberta

Rock climbing types: from free climbing, bouldering to sport

Like any other extreme sport rock climbing comes in different shades. From top rope to sport or trad to bouldering it offers various challenges to climbers. Before I started to rock climb outdoors it felt unattainable and only for the pros. However like any other thing that you try in life you just need to […]

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