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Join us as we explore our world through various outdoor adventure travels. We are both avid extreme sport enthusiasts with a thirst for new culture in beautiful places. Within these pages you will find travel experiences, outdoor adventures, various tips and perhaps inspire your very own trip idea. Break free from your comfort zone and try something new.

Go out and travel.


Alex and Cory

what to take on a hiking trip, Wildly Intrepid

What to take on a hiking trip

When you leave the comfort of your home you really want to make sure that you have everything that you might need to be out in the wild. Since there are no stores and most likely no cellphone reception forgetting about your sleeping bag becomes a bigger ordeal. So let us show you what to take […]

Newfoundland, Iceberg, Throwback Tuesday, Wildly Intrepid

[Throwback Tuesday] Lost and Forgotten Pictures and Video

We live in an age where everything is easily captured with a few swipes or thumb presses. Then you share a couple good ones with a few more taps and the rest goes into a hard drive somewhere and is often forgotten forever.   Have you ever looked back at all those pictures and videos?  […]

Outdoor Activities in Corner Brook, Wildly Intrepid

Outdoor Activities in Corner Brook, Newfoundland

Most people who visit Corner Brook do so for its outdoor activities. The unofficial capital of the West Coast of Newfoundland has much to offer. From short to longer walks, rock climbing, biking, swimming or spelunking. Here are the main Outdoor Activities in Corner Brook. Outdoor Activities in Corner Brook Corner Brook Stream Trails –Glynmill […]

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